Local marketing tips for museums

Local marketing tips for museums

Many museums and visitor attractions promote themselves on social networks or their website but do not give visitors the added value of their local knowledge. Recommend places to eat and drink near to your museum – don’t be afraid of promoting other visitor attractions nearby. This way, you are being helpful to the tourist by helping them plan an itinerary, which includes visiting your museum.

Here are some additional marketing tips for museums.

Use Twitter search to reach out to tourists

On Twitter people are regularly requesting recommendations while visiting destinations, but most go ignored.  Use the search functionality on Twitter to find people asking for recommendations in your location and help them with your local knowledge.

Recently, I asked on Twitter for Barcelona recommendations on places to eat – one of the replies was from Museu Picasso, who recommended a few tapas restaurants near to the museum. After eating my lunch, I walked around the corner and visited the museum (it is fantastic by the way, a must visit).

Funnily enough, the museum was only two streets away from my apartment and tucked away down a side street and would not have been on my itinerary had they not engaged with me.  

Joint promotions with other local businesses

Explore opportunities to develop promotions with local businesses where you can cross-sell to new audiences. 

You could put on display leaflets from local restaurants, hotels and other visitor attractions, and in return, they put leaflets out promoting your museum, or a specific exhibition. Very little collaboration goes on between visitor attractions and local businesses, and there are a lot of wasted opportunities.

Keep an eye out for local events

Events are a brilliant way to bring more people through your museum doors. At the beginning of the year, think about annual events that bring additional footfall to your area.Then research ideas for events that you could host that can be promoted as part of the main event. 

Let’s pretend tens of thousands of people attend the local food Festival, literally on your doorstep.  You could use the museum space to host a food related exhibition, the history of food in your area, and in return promote local markets, it’s a great marketing opportunity.

Work with local bloggers and publishers

It is important to work with local publishers, invite them to attend previews, and if they enjoyed the experience it is likely that they will write about it. This helps get your message out, not just locally, but globally via the search engines and social networks.

Budgets are being drastically cut, so it is time for museums and visitor attractions to think outside of the box a little, and think more local.


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