How to Identify your Audience

How to Identify your Audience

Ask yourself this question: Who is your target audience? I suspect that the majority of you will respond, male/female, within a specific age group, and possibly a location. Many tourism businesses spend time engaging with people who are not their target audience, so, let’s dig a little deeper and look at how to identify your audience.

Build a customer profile

What I want you to do, is to think about building a profile of your perfect customer. Think about their demographics, i.e. location, their level of education, do they have a family, etc. Next, think about their lifestyle, do they go on holiday once or twice a year, do they travel on their own or with family.

Also write down what activities they would enjoy on the holiday, i.e. are they culture vultures, or, just enjoy relaxing on the beach. Ask yourself where does your target audience spend their leisure time online and offline; do they belong to any specific groups, are they active on specific forums, websites or social networks.

Does your perfect customer visit any exhibitions or specific events? At this point, you are probably thinking that this sounds like a lot of work, but there are three main reasons why you should put the time and effort into learning more about your target audience.

Creating a content plan

It’ll help you plan your content and if you know more about your audience, then you will write content from the outset that is targeted for them and not go off topic, which is very easy to do. By thinking about the questions and advice that your audience will ask, you can write content that is going to attract them to your website. It’ll help focus you.

Improves results when monetising your content

If you’re looking to monetise your content then when you approach potential advertisers they will want to know more about your audience than just their age and if they are male or female.

Providing them with your customer profile will give them a better idea if their product or services match your audience – this means that they’ll see better results and you continue to generate revenue.

Helps you build your marketing strategy

Knowing more about your audience will help you build your marketing strategy so you can focus on where your audience can be found, and where you need to put your time and money into marketing your brand.

Travel businesses spend all their time on social media but neglect other ways to attract visitors to their website. To be honest, we’re only skimming the surface of why you need to know more about your target audience, we’ll go through this in more detail in future articles.


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